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In developing our website we aim to make it usable for as many people as possible, including the visually impaired and users with disabilities.

Accessibility and video and audio files

This website includes video and audio files which we hope will enrich the user experience.  Some of these are streamed from a separate 'streaming server'.  This allows the site visitor to experience the media immediately, rather than wait for download.

Accessibility and design

Our website has been designed so that the display options you choose in your browser or operating system will overwrite our settings. In this way you can increase the text size, change colours, or make other changes to the way our website looks.

You can change the font size by clicking on the  sign in the top right hand corner of each page and change the colours by clicking on the   button in the top right hand corner of each page.

Alternatively, to change the text size in most web browsers, simply hold down the "Control" (sometimes labelled "Ctrl") key – or the Command key on a Macintosh computer – and then press the '+' key.

Visit the BBC’s My Web My Way website to learn how to make changes to the way the Internet is displayed on your computer.


As users of our website your feedback is invaluable and will be used to guide the site's development. You can either send us your feedback via our contact us form or alternatively, send an email to the web editor.

Accessibilty: Site Navigation